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2676 Dec 18, 2015 Noushad I want to see sindh service tribunal decisions where is it Dear Noushad This site presently uploads Caselaw (judgments/orders) of the Sindh High Court and Islamabad High Court. Efforts are being made to upload Caselaw of other Courts as well but this may take time.
2666 Dec 8, 2015 Akbar Rajput This site only contains data only for judgments not for proceedings as i am searching for (W.P. 3622/2015 Service Appointment CM 1/2015) but i failed to find any information and i waste my almost more than 12 hours on it. This case is related to my appointment. I am in huge stress. if you can help me to find the proceeding status of above case i will be very thankful for your kind cooperation. thanks This site is only for judgments/orders of the cases. Please visit the website of the High Court and use (Search Cases) link to see status/proceedings of the cases.
2540 Sep 22, 2015 Masood khan I appreciate to those hard worker, to develop such tremendous site to help the the people which are deprived and need justice to this honourable court. May Allah help you. Masood Khan CP.2615/14 SHC khi Thanks.
2459 Jul 22, 2015 Faisal Nafees Mirza Dear Sir Good Day, Everything in this site is very nice and helpful but i can not see the list of judgement for Double Bench. Can you help me how to see the Double bench decision list of June, 2015 It will be highly appreciated Regards Faisal Nafees Mirza Abu Dhabi UAE Dear Faisal Nafees Mirza Thanks for appreciating the site. This site contains judgments/orders of Single as well as Divisional (Double) Bench. You just have to search it through Case Number or name of any of the Judge or any other option given on the site.
2287 Feb 2, 2015 guest DEAR SIR, I would highly appreciate if you could please inform me the way to search the progress and/or next dates of my suits in a step wise process by email. or links which help me to find cases such as: 123/2006 etc Thanks and regards Guest secom25@gmail.com This site is only for judgments/orders of the cases. Please visit the website of the High Court and use 'Search Cases' link to see status of the cases.
2232 Jan 9, 2015 Advocate Ghulam Shabbir Pathan A piece of good work by IT / Technical team of Sindh High Court, everyone behind the development and progress of this work highly appreciated. Thanks
2230 Jan 7, 2015 IFTIKHAR AHMAD please improve this site by adopting easy way, i.e topic wise case law, if a person want to see case law regarding service matter or otherwise, when the visitor write in a box as service matter a list regarding service matter be display in the box Dear Iftikhar Thanks for the suggestion. We are already working on the issue and you will find it soon.
2214 Dec 20, 2014 Advocate Mr. Muhammad Bilal This site is very excellent and is facilating to the litigants as well as the Advcoate for information of the matters, just in their native places/houses and so also saving precious time of litigants. I highly appreciate this unique site and know Islamabad High Court do this work its excellent. I pray for further to exist this site for an indifinite period from which hopefully the litigants as well as concerned people will avail the information properly and positively. Thanks
2134 Nov 4, 2014 Sajjad Ahmed Chandio Advocate High Court It is really nice to visit website of SHC. I just want to the procedure of providing all reported cases of an Advocate as I noticed that my few reported cases are available on mt name on this website, and in fact my more than 12 cases have been reported. Regards Please email us your list of reported cases, we will try to upload them.
2026 Aug 30, 2014 Farrukh It is a very good attempt need to be improved by feeding all important cases and short orders as well because there is difficult to get order from other cities, Thanks Thanks, we are working to upload all the judgments/orders/short-orders.
1986 Jul 17, 2014 Tariq Bilal, Advocate Supreme Court & Special Public Prosecutor for Cyber Crimes Excellent endeavor. Thanks.
1980 Jul 9, 2014 sami ul hassan rana advocate High Court, Lahore site is very good, i hope it will be very useful, for the bench and the bar. thanks Thanks
1914 May 13, 2014 Ahsan Ali Thank you for uploading Judgements On I.H.C. website this work is very helpful for lawyers and Public. Thanks Mr. Ahsan Ali.
1835 Apr 11, 2014 Ghulam Sajjad Gopang I visit this site regularly........ I feel that this site can be more useful and popular and informative for the Law Officers like me and the General Public more than Pakistan Law site.., But I think that the team needs the addition of Law Researchers.. on daily basis, who must update the Judgments of daily routine of All the 5 Hon;ble High Courts and the August Supreme Court of Pakistan.... I m the youngest Advocate in the History of Pakistan whose..25 cases(INCLUDING 12 MURDER CASES) are reported in PLD Law books and several other law journals including SBLR and 2008 SHC 146..... etc I also offer my services for that as a Token of Appreciation... Sardar Ghulam Sajjad Khan Gopang Advocate High Court of Sindh Presently practising at Rawalpindi Islamabad... Cell: 0333-2682662 Dear Sardar Ghulam Sajjad Khan Gopang Thanks for appreciating the site. We have been already working on your advise. We have also offered to all the apex Courts to upload their respective caselaw on this site free-of-cost. The Islamabad High Court is already uploading its caselaw on this site. The others are awaited. Since, this is a free caselaw site therefore each apex Court has to play its role to make this site popular than pakistan-law-site. We been trying to make this site as more effective as possible while facing the limited resources.
1824 Apr 2, 2014 Advocate Abbas Mehdi I am really impressed with this design as it provides really important information without wastage of time and this is also very easy to use and understand. Keep it up. Abbas Mehdi Advocate. 03004847764 Thanks Mr. Abbas Mehdi.
1764 Feb 5, 2014 Uzair sir Islamabad High court case status should be introduced regarding every case as at Supreme Court website, please Dear Uzair Though not interactive but current case status of all the cases heard in Islamabad High Court may be seen on the home page of its website under the link title PROCEEDINGS STATUS OF COURT CASES.
1701 Dec 19, 2013 Raja Zamir Akthar I go through this web site and found its very inportant and beneficial for the legal professional peoples i really appreciate this who contributed and given this type of idea and good work thanks Thanks Raja Zamir Akhtar. You have submitted your same comments 07 times. Plz submit once in future.
1604 Oct 15, 2013 Muhammad Farrukh Riaz,Standing Counsel for Pakistan at LHC. I really likes this site its good for the practicing lawyers.If I wants to get the citation on Sec 516 Crpc, how I can get it ? Dear Muhammad Farrukh Thanks for appreciating the site. The software module to search caselaw by sections is already developed and available on the site, however, in order to make the search effective, we have been establishing a branch to write and upload the head-notes of the caselaw and update required data to facilitate your desired search. Hope, you will get this facility soon.
1559 Sep 18, 2013 ABDUL KAREEM MEMON 03004458355 I am really impressed with your online case management system. I would like to request you to kindly initiate sms and /or email alerts for your cause list where any one who subscribes to your mailing list for a particular case receives latest alerts regarding the case through email or sms please. Best Regards, Dear Abdul Kareem Sahib The case alert system on eMAIL and SMS is already working in this court since March 2011. In order to avail this FREE service advocate or case-party has to fill the eCAMS form (available on SHC website) and submit it in the I.T. Department of this Court with photocopy of CNIC.
1554 Sep 18, 2013 Raja Muhammad Saqib (Journalist) Excellent website for court/law reporters. Thanks.
1534 Sep 8, 2013 Arshad Raza wife of Mrs, Farhat Arshad Assalam O alekum, Dear Sir, I am very impressed about this website that you have introduced. kindly I need your help if possible. I have case no. 170/2012, I want to know what is the status of my case. it is under Judge Shabana Waheed, and advocate is Mrs. Naureen Sheikh, I have filed my case to get sub leasing order for my shop. Kindly if possible help me. Best Regards, Arshad Raza There is a separate system for the cases of the District Courts. Please click the link of CFMS-DC (Case Flow Management System for District Courts) on the home page of the website of Sindh High Court or on the website of District Courts of Sindh (http://www.districtcourtssindh.gos.pk)
1512 Aug 21, 2013 Abbas Hussain (Stenographer Court of Senior Civil Judge-III, Quetta) This site is very essential for the general public, advocates, prosecuters and for the litigants. I personally appreciate the entire team behind this phenominal work which not only eased to find the judgment / orders of the specific Courts but also made effortless to find the case laws / Cause lists of the various competent Courts by clicking on the dates mentioned in the calender. May Allah Almighty give success and courage to your team, to make this site more and more useful to the masses, litigants and advodates etc. Thanks.
1492 Jul 30, 2013 Sardar Ghulam Sajjad Khan Gopang, Advocate High Court, Dhok Banarus Rawlpindi,0333-2682662 Dear Sir, I m very very impressed by this site. This site will help young as well as senior lawyers to search out their relevant case laws swiftly and smoothly. Today is my 1st day that i m visiting this sit. Its very helpful in searching my case laws. Thanks.
1455 Jul 6, 2013 Muhammad Hashim Memon Advocate Mirpurkhas SBC 258/HC Sir, it is really a big and laudable job carried for the benefit of all concerned for which the persons behind the site deserve appreciation. I am facing difficulty in searcing my cases on site "Advance case serach" of Circuit bench Hyderabad. On previous site, the result was positive but on this site after inserting required date the reply is " No item found". I request for immediate chckup and resolution of problem. I shall be hihgly grateful if the problem is attended and resolved as soon as possible. Thnks. We have tried the search with your name and found your cases. Plz. try again with proper spelling. You may enter full or partial name but with proper spelling. Email us on info@sindhhighcourt.gov.pk for further details/queries.
1452 Jul 5, 2013 Naimatullah Baloch Advocate This is site is more useful for all the people especially Sindh and Balochistan. We get more information from this site. Thanks.
1429 Jun 27, 2013 ABDUR RAZZAQ, ADVOCATE It is realy a good work for lawyers. Thanks.
1345 May 16, 2013 Adv Zahid Farooq Its a very good effort. we are very much thankful for this great acheivement Thanks.
1307 Apr 23, 2013 Rafiq akhtar advocate,legal adviser,law lecturer. The site is excellent and full of information,in my view this site could give great help to lawyers as well as the student of law.even for those who r not related to law could get great advantage from it.the advocates who r fresh can get a lot of from this site.Thanks to those who have made this and their work should get A grade.it should continue,well done. Thanks.
1300 Apr 19, 2013 SAnjeev Kamboj Advocate Jalandhar Punjab India It is really very much helpful site for all the users. Parties, counsels and the litigants .Great efforts by the it department. Thanks.
1260 Apr 4, 2013 MAQBOOL KHAN I am happy to have came across this website. It has every possible detail about the Judicial Side i.e. CaseLaw and Statutes etc. Good Work IT Branch. MAQBOOL KHAN PESHAWAR HIGH COURT, PESHAWAR. Thanks.
1234 Mar 17, 2013 Ayyaz Ahmed Khan Sial/Advocate High Court/Member Adjunct Faculty PLC, Rawalpindi Its really a matter of immense pleasure to write these lines for appreciating the effort of Benches of Honourable Sind High Court and Honourable Islamabad High Court including their Staff respectively, who have made it possible to allow the access to everyone to the Latest Case Law of the Superior Courts. Their effort would be having long lasting positive effect and impact on the prevailing practice in law field. Further, the facility would be allowing the law professionals to have the advantage of preparing their case briefs without being dependant on the books/library or particular place. Indeed, thats the great effort of the Honourable Benches and the staff, for which they deserve a great gratitude and applaud. Thanks for the appreciation.
1220 Mar 9, 2013 shahzado langah it is very informative for all times to come most beneficial for advocates and general public also.time brings lot of changes in every field.it is need of time to change all the things according to changing situation. mostly legal field is very complicated and general public is unaware of legal matters.general awareness should be provided to the people in every field of life.hazarat ali said that ilm kharch karney se barta hay aur daulat kharch karney se kam ho jaty hay. do good when you are appointed ruler.i hope that my comments shall be taken into consideration for betterment of judiciary. Thanks.
1208 Mar 3, 2013 Khurram Raja Advocate It is very interesting and a matter of great pleasure for me to see such a glorious effort to facilitate the lawyers especially young lawyers who are not capable to bear the expenses of the Books. Please instruct whether any charges for visiting this site or not. Thanks. The site is free for all, there are no charges.
1195 Feb 25, 2013 maria rana i want to either it include data of all the courts of pakistan or onlyspecific courts. i.e - Supreme Court of Pakistan - Sindh High court - Lahore High Court - Islamabad High Court - Peshawar High Court - Baluchistan High Court - Banking, District & Session Courts of Karachi  Sindh The site is available for all the Courts, i.e. Supreme Court, all High Courts, etc. Efforts are being taken to upload caselaw of all the Courts.
1176 Feb 18, 2013 M.Faraz Khan (English Branch, Distt. & Sessions division-EAST, Islamabad) I appreciate CLMS. It will surely help, both judicial employees and public, to provide justice at earliest possibility. Thanks.
1119 Jan 12, 2013 Faheem ul haq Khan Commissioner Inland Revenue FBR, Karachi Office Very useful site indeed. website to provide search facility regarding decided cases by name, month, law, department, word etc by installing search filters in the system and conditional permission to get a print of the decision directly. Thanks. We are working on your advice.
1109 Jan 3, 2013 Mudassir It is a great pleasure to see the High Court of Sindh develop its systems to that level where it has made very easy for stakeholders to keep track of cases. the best among such initiatives is perhaps regular updation of case status. Uploading of judgements is also a great step. However, a very big lot of cases which are finalized dont make up to the website. I very much rely on the information provided by the High Court website as its the easiest way to access information. Therefore, it is advised that the uploading of JUdgements/Orders must be made more efficient and accurate. Thanks for the appreciation. We have been trying our best to keep all the judgments and orders up-to-date on the site.
1056 Nov 1, 2012 moazzam z khan request the honerable person incharge to please help me know what is the status of my 2 case pending in high court since long i am a plaintiff in 2 different cases, inheritance claim ,tenant not vacating property if you allow me to see what is the status of my case in this web site this will be a great help , i live in usa wil apperciate all the help this will help lot of oversease pakistanies with best regards moazzam z khan email moazzamzk@hotmail.com Dear Mr. Moazzam This caselaw site displays only judgments/orders of the cases. In order to view other details of your cases you have to click the link of [ Cases of Principal Seat,Karachi ] on the home page of website of Sindh High Court.
975 Jul 26, 2012 SAYED SARFRAZ CELL #: 03123494667 thats a great effort of IT department that makes ease for the common educated peoples. i appreciate your efforts, and pray that our departments may use these kind of latest technologies to facilitate public. Thanks Thanks.
955 May 20, 2012 Muhammad Yasin Qadri, Civil Judge I have visited this and attempted to take benefit of case law and the statutes but unfortunately neither the case law is well systematically arranged nor the statutes are available. Please think about it. Dear Yasin Sahib You have not pin-pointed the deficiencies in the Caselaw system. Please send us your suggestions to make the system more useful for you and others. You may email us on info@sindhhighcourt.gov.pk
948 May 11, 2012 advocate mir shehzad ahmed talpur well it is good effort congratulations from my side to all of u.my suggestion is regarding sms as being practising adv of interior i feel that most of adv not have their own computer and those who has this facility facing pb due to loadsheding therefore it is appropriate to inform adv thorough the sms regarding their cases fixed in cause list. The SMS facility to inform cases fixed in the cause lists is already started by the Sindh High Court. To avail this facility you have to register yourself as an Advocate or Litigant with the eCAMS system of Sindh High Court by filling in the Registration form available on the website of Sindh High Court.
938 May 4, 2012 arsalan salam my name is arsalan and im govt servant in jpmc karachi. my suggession / query is can i put my application online by making the fees online through credit card? and whenever the hearing is i will come to hear my case Dear Arsalan We have been working on another project called Electronic Case Filing through which public and advocates will be able to file their cases online and pay case fees online too. However, the project will take significant time since it requires lot of work on technical, administrative and law making side.
904 Apr 18, 2012 Nizam uddin shaikh the link "orders of today" is very important which keeps the litigant public aware of the day to day proceedings of a particular case BUT unfortunately its incomplete/ not updated and is limited upto a few cases of that day. Please update it with ALL the cases on which an order is passed on that day. Thanks. We are trying to overcome the deficiency.
899 Apr 13, 2012 Mudassir Latif This is a revolutionary step in real sense. The High Court has, by automation, not only taken initiatives to accelerate the functional / procedural formalities for its own convenience and efficiency, this is of immense help to the general public and parties involved in litigation as well and set an example of effective and efficient use of modern technology and available resources in public sector. Thumbs up! There is one suggestion that I would like to put forward. As I have browsed through the orders/judgements section, I have observed that orders are not available for all the cases undertaken in the Sindh High Court. Hopefully this is already in the knowledge of the High Court and the concerned authorities would be engaged in updating the site accordingly. Thanks. We have already noticed that and trying to overcome the deficiency.
831 Feb 22, 2012 Faheem Ali Ghunio i am very thankful to this site but limited time to access this site between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM it destructs the professional work of a lawyer, as usually the lawyers used to sit in their chambers about 7/8 PM and simultaneously they need to search any case, judgment, law etc. Therefore the concerned officials may extend time for accessing this site. All the web services of Sindh High Court (including the Caselaw) are available 24 hours ( 7 days a week even on Holidays) since May, 2011.
753 Dec 18, 2011 Karim Bux Shaikh, Focal Person (Litigation) District Education Office Umerkot It is really very much helpful site for all the users. Parties, counsels and the litigants get full information about the cases more easily well in time. Countable time & money is saved. It is really best for common citizens as well as for lawyers/ parties. I have no more words to say thanks to High Court of Sindh for this effort. Efforts of the management staff are too appreciable. Again thanks. Thanks.
465 Jul 29, 2011 Muhammad Zia ul haq Most respected sir, I appreciate your efforts for this website. Allah helps those who do for the benefits of public. Kindly concentrate the following. None can take a plea that he did not know before an act or omition that was a crime. The court also requires from the parties to produce the case law in its favoure. The court does not depend upon its own knowledge of case law. If the party to a case is poor but literate , not affording a wakeel and wants to plead his case by its self, has to face usually failure because he is unable to get easily the wordings of statute or case law to produce before the concerning court. Therefore it is requested to allow all the persons to access all the laws, statutes and case law etc easily, free of cost and with out any subscription through the internet (the easiest and speedy way to explore and communicate) so that justice prevail. Thanks Dear Mr. Muhammad Zia ul Haq WE are already working on your proposal. It is a big task and may require some time to be available on the site.
447 Jul 23, 2011 hasan razzaki search catagories need to be expanded. e.g. i am interested in finding judgments on order 21 rule 97, in my opinion there should be a search faclity whereby by entering order 21 rule 97 for search, there shud be a list of all available case laws for this topic. thanks. Dear Mr. Hassan Razzak The suggestion given by you is already in our minds and we are working on it. The service will also be available on this site soon.
406 Jun 10, 2011 Pir Bux, Stenographer, DAG office Karachi Dear, Sir I am facing difficulty since my appointment please tell me how we search current judgment/order advocate-wise name? and some days ago i found some orders/judgments in some cases but disaster those could not be found so i am requesting to group which are conducting, working on the same mission and dealing this web and matters upload all the appropriate judments on your side as per rules. I am appreciating of your webside that is one in all the websides and i hope the I.T department will provide further facility to all the Republic of Pakistan through this Webside. Thanks, Regards, Pir Bux, P.A to Deputy Attorney General for Pakistan, Pl. mention the cases of which you could not find judgments/orders, so that we may ensure their availability. You may also send the list of the cases to our official email address info@sindhhighcourt.gov.pk. Please give refernce of the "CaseLaw" of this Court with the list of the cases.
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