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PERSONS BEHIND THIS SITEClick here to see the list and bio-data of Hon'ble Chairmen I.T. Committee This site has been developed and maintained under the supervision of the Hon'ble Chairman I.T. (Computer) Committee, and its Hon'ble members.PhotographMr. Abdul Rasheed Mahar, Director I.T., Sindh High Court. With the grace of God, we are proud to launch Pakistan's first website of Caselaw Management System (CLMS), which is completely designed,  developed and maintained by the inhouse I.T. and other related court staff of the Sindh High Court, Karachi.

However, we are very much thankful to the Hon'ble Judges and the persons mentioned below without whom's guidance and practical help this site could not come in existence.

I am personally also thankful to all of my staff members who have been working hard till late nights for making this website and other projects more useful.

(Abdul Rasheed Mahar, February 14, 2008)
Other persons who have been working hard to make this site more informative are listed as under:Photograph Before offering comments on the Monthly Law Journal (MLJ) and its operation I would like to share how we initiated and completed the assigned job. Mr. Justice Munib Ahmed Khan, Chairman Computer & Development Committee floated the idea and assigned the task to Mr. Abdul Rasheed Mahar, Director I.T. Mr. Ashraf Yar Khan, Deputy Registrar Sindh High Court and I planned and alienated the responsibilities. I and Mr. Ashraf Yar Khan prepared the head notes whereas Mr. Abdul Rasheed Mahar developed the database and its web-based application. It is pleased to share that the job was discussed and assigned in the month of December 2007 and we could succeed to develop the database and hard copy of the MLJ in the month of February 2008. The deliverable was shared with the Development Committee who decided to launch the journal at the event of 3rd Annual Judicial Conference and accordingly it was launched and shared with all the judicial officers.

The web-based application facilitates the general public, litigants, advocates, law officers, prosecutors and judicial officers by giving access of the current judgments and orders of the High Court of Sindh on the Internet. The program provides search options in number of ways and means such as case number, judge’s name, advocate’s name, issue-wise, etc.

It is expected that the cases of Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan would also be available on the website. We are also trying to develop working relation with other courts to update the website. No doubt it would be a cost effective and time saving effort. We welcome the suggestions; even positive criticism on the product as we believe it is the only way to improve the things (SHAHID SHAFIQ, APRIL 15-2008)
Mr. Ashraf Yar Khan, Sr. Civil Judge, Ex. Research Officer, Sindh High Court. comments awaited ....PhotographMr. Shahid Shafiq, District & Sessions Judge, Ex. Project Director AJP, Sindh High Court, Karachi.